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"We've worked together with Software Consult on a software tool for our Management of Change process on site. This corporation has been very satisfying. The work executed by Software Consult has been as promised, on time and within budget. Not something I have experienced as a standard while working with Software development parties. "

Tijs Derks | DSM France.

"Software Consult's technical skills are second to none."

Alex Edwards | Sol Test

Quality Center Migration

The smooth migration of Quality Center is key to your testing activities. Downtime can lead to project delays. Software Consult has performed many seamless migrations over the years from many different versions.

Let us take the pain away of migrating projects from one version to the next, either by an onsite consultation and migration, or by using our hosted Quality Center option (below). Contact us for more details.


Business MeetingHosted Service

We can provide a hosted solution for Quality Center which means you don't need to worry about backups or upgrades. We will backup your data as often as you choose and upgrade over a weekend at your command.
Customisations, Development and Reporting

Quality Center allows for some basic customisations through easy to use tools. However it also has places where complex scripts can be created to allow QC to work the way you want it to. Software Consult can help develop these scripts that you can then use across all you project or one or two unique ones.

HP also provide an API allowing access to Quality Center through your own code. Software Consult can leverage this to allow your applications to talk to QC. Some examples of this are :
   Customised reporting such as planned vs. actual
   A separate tool for managing users. This can be given to the helpdesk to manage users without having access to drop databases!
  Automatically raise defects from build or security tools.
  Bulk update data safely, such as moving a group of planned tests back a week when the testing is delayed.

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